Projects are a way to pool your observations with other people on iNat. Whether you're interested in starting a citizen science project or just keeping tabs on the birds in a nearby park with your local birding club, Projects are the way to go.


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Global Reptile BioBlitz icon

Global Reptile BioBlitz

There are over 9,000 recognized species of reptile in the world. Many are extremely poorly known and many m...
Introduced Species icon

Introduced Species

Seeking to document observations of non-native introduced species outside of their original homelands. Obse...
iNaturalistas Lasallistas icon

iNaturalistas Lasallistas

El Museo de La Salle Bogotá MLS-BOG es una institución al servicio del patrimonio natural de Colombia desde...
Herps of Texas icon

Herps of Texas

The purpose of this project is to enhance our understanding of the distribution of reptiles and amphibians ...
Butterflies and Moths of México icon

Butterflies and Moths of México

Capture in images and describe the variety of Butterflies and Moths of México. Eggs, caterpillars, pupae...
DFW Urban Wildlife icon

DFW Urban Wildlife

Documenting the Diversity of Dallas/Fort Worth Urban Wildlife This project is dedicated to the recording...
RB Tehuacán - Cuicatlán, Puebla - Oaxaca icon

RB Tehuacán - Cuicatlán, Puebla - Oaxaca

Fauna y flora de la Reserva de la Biosfera Tehuacán - Cuicatlán, Puebla y Oaxaca Región Centro y Eje Neo...
BiodiversiTEC icon


Incorporar a los alumnos de la materia Fundamentos de la Vida del Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Super...
The Salamander Project icon

The Salamander Project

Covering almost every continent, salamanders are a very hard species to find in everyday life. This is wher...

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Onondaga Lake Conservation Corps Nine Mile Creek -10/25/14 icon

Onondaga Lake Conservation Corps Nine Mile Creek -10/25/14

THE ONONDAGA LAKE CONSERVATION CORPS Hundreds of community volunteers have become environmental stewards o...
Wildlife in Leon's garden icon

Wildlife in Leon's garden

I'm recording what is wild in my garden, including self sown seedlings, and animals.
Kaitorete Spit, Canterbury icon

Kaitorete Spit, Canterbury

Kaitorete Spit is a 25 km-long sand and gravel barrier between Lake Ellesmere/Waihora and the Pacific Ocean...
Moths of Travis Wetland icon

Moths of Travis Wetland

Currently we are undertaking a light trapping survey of the Moths at Travis Wetland. Hopefully we will eve...
Temple Basin BioBlitz icon

Temple Basin BioBlitz

The Temple BioBlitz aims to record everything that lives at Temple Basin. Add an observation today or co...
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